Feuerlicht Jiří: Enterprise computing: Concepts, Standards and Architectures

ISBN 978-80-245-1367-6, VŠE, 1. vydání, 2008, 150 stran, formát C5
Feuerlicht_Enterprise computing

The main objective of this book is to give a comprehensive description of the architectures, standards and technologies that play an important role in enterprise computing, and to give a balanced discussion of their advantages and limitations. We focus in particular on the Service Oriented Architecture, an architecture that dominates enterprise computing today, and describe SOA concepts, principles and technologies.
We give a comprehensive discussion and analysis of:
I) the main underlying architectural concepts, principles, standards and their relevance to enterprise computing today
II) client/server and Internet computing architectures and their relationship to SOA
III) data integration and e-business intergration approaches and techniques
IV) SOA and SaaS (software as a Service) and current trends in their evolution

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